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Stay on the Right Side of Competition Law
Hey there, fellow nail technicians in the UK! I wanted to share a friendly reminder from the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) about the importance of complying with competition law. This reminder comes after reports of a campaign called National...
Time Saving Techniques for Social Media
Time Saving Techniques for Social Media After networking with many techs after our win, they expressed that they were unable to keep on top of social media management due to lack of time, which for anyone that knows me, is aware...
How to crack the consultation step
Hands up how many of you have not received a consultation when you have visited a fellow salon or maybe even forgotten this procedure in your own business? What can sometimes be considered an inconvenient task to some clients and...
What Should I Charge For Nail Art?

So how much should you charge for your nail art? It's a question I get asked at least once a day.

While it is nice to think about offering new techniques and designs, keep in mind that running a business means there are limitations on what can be offered without sacrificing earnings or customer satisfaction (and chances are if someone asks us for something free--they're not satisfied).

Is Teaching Nails The Next Step For You?

There will also be a group of people who have zero desire to become an educator, this is fine. Teaching isn't the vocation for everyone, the mannerisms and attitude required isn't found within everyone, just because you may be very talented at a subject doesn't mean you are the right person to teach it.