Time Saving Techniques for Social Media

Time Saving Techniques for Social Media

After networking with many techs after our win, they expressed that they were unable to keep on top of social media management due to lack of time, which for anyone that knows me, is aware that I have very little spare time.

I thought I would offer my time saving tips for social media in this blog. It doesn’t necessarily mean you have to use more time, but learn how to effectively manage the time you spend on social media management more efficiently.

Planning ahead

You can schedule your posts to be seen at the most visited times of the day such as morning and evening. Set out half an hour each week to schedule these posts, which also allows you to plan posts with valuable content that will generate a good response from your followers.

These can be rescheduled and amended when required. If you want to use hashtags on Instagram to get your work seen by more people, then save your collection of hashtags in your notes app and copy and paste each time you post. Keep a folder with adverts and content with easy access for your posts. Using an app such as Hoot Suite will also allow you to schedule tweets and Instagram posts, too.

Republish content 

If you repost a small amount of your posts it will reach an audience that quite possibly missed your initial post. Repost it at different times of the day to reach a different audience and make sure you only repost your best content.


If you have a team that works alongside you, give them access to your social media accounts so they can share their work. You don’t have to give them full access as you can restrict permissions on platforms such as Facebook.

If your team is good with one social media platform, delegate a different platform to each member of staff. By the team sharing their work and news, this also provides your customers with a sense of teamwork too.

Know your platform

Understanding the platform that you are using is paramount for effective social media time management. If you only understand Facebook, then stick to that. If you don’t know enough about the different platforms then invest in a social media workshop.

Platform sharing

If you want to post to various platforms at once, you can link your social media accounts through settings, the platform or a third party app (such as Hoot Suite), which allows sharing of posts to several platforms in one click. I personally am not a fan of this method as I feel that it loses the personal touch as it just gives a link that the original posted platform. To save time, copy and paste each post and edit accordingly for each platform.

Response times

Everyone wants an answer yesterday, so if you don’t have the time to respond quickly, then you can set an automated response which you can personalise, acknowledging their query and then reply in full when you have chance.

Social Media Management

If you really still don’t have the time, then for a small fee, you can enlist the services of a social media manager who can run and control your accounts for you and you can be as involved as you want.

Social media is an important marketing tool for businesses and with useful tools and planning, you can save plenty of time on social media platforms while still gaining the benefits.

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  • Lisa a May

    Hi I tend to stick to Facebook I’m familiar with

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