How to Clean Your Nail Tools

Recommended and tested disinfection solutions with our Katie Barnes Tool Range:

Barbicide® and Mundo Tool Disinfectant.

  • Do not leave longer than Manufacturers recommended time in solution.
  • When removed from the solution, dry thoroughly to avoid damage to the protective coating and potential rusting.
  • Whilst the blades are in this solution for the recommended time, place a circle of cotton wool at the bottom of the jar, to avoid blunting.
  • Wipe the blades with this solution or a disinfectant wipe occasionally to prevent a sticky build-up of glue from the forms.
  • Safe and tested for sterilisation in hospital approved autoclave units.
  • These cuticle scissors meet international standards for bioburden, and sterility testing.
  • CE certified and meet international standards to provide confidence in both the quality and safety of the product.

All of our metal tools in the Katie Barnes Tool Range have been tried and tested in the Enbio autoclave so we can proudly recommend this autoclave as a method of sterilising our tools to our customers following correct sanitation and disinfection.

To find out more information visit Enbio. their website is super knowledgeable and offers so much advice from choosing the right autoclave, differences between autoclave and lots of fabulous facts on sterilisation. 

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Follow our video tutorial on how to clean your nail tools below and check out my other helpful videos on YouTube