How to remove nail enhancements and gel polish at home

How to deal with clients wanting to remove their nails at home

Any damage to the natural nail is usually the result of improper application or removal, overly aggressive filing, or client abuse such as picking or biting. When both L&P and gel enhancements and coverings are applied, maintained, and removed correctly, no damage should occur.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the need for clients to remove their nails at home has become a necessity as the opportunity to visit the salon for this typically professional only service was suddenly removed. Clients had to turn to removing their nails themselves and many are continuing with this, and this isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Whilst many nail professionals may argue that a client should not be removing their own product. On the other hand, I would oppose that a client is better to be educated correctly in safe removal, rather than taking matters into their own hands and potentially picking, biting, or using guess work. An uneducated client is more likely to cause damage than one who has been correctly educated.

Whether it is due to finances, illness, or the requirement to isolate, there may be all manner of reasons why a client may need to remove their nails at home, and we should work with them to aid them to do this properly. Let’s face it – if they are considering and questioning it – they are likely to go ahead and do it anyway. Doing this without the education or right products will inevitably lead to damage and give you, the tech a harder task when the client returns for new nails. We shouldn’t fear losing custom to this; instead, a tech can earn revenue and trust from teaching the client. Nail professionals can offer instructions and tutorials on removal alongside removal kits, which can increase retail revenue. A kit is easy to pop together and can be retailed, shipped or dropped off with a client. This can free up time in salon, leading to more profitable treatments filling these gaps.  Educational material should include how to remove their gel, acrylic nails or gel polish; how long to soak nails in acetone and the removal process time; how to remove hard gel extensions and how to care for and maintain their nails.  If a client seeks to do this independently, they won’t know what professional chemicals or equipment is required and are likely to purchase from elsewhere, substandard products which may harm their natural nail health.

Follow this tutorial on how to remove your gel polish correctly and safely.

If you want to learn how to remove your nails safely and learn how to perform nail services such as manicure, pedicure and gel polish on yourself, family or friends, check out our beginner courses.

Don’t fear clients wanting to remove their nails at home and instead work with them to educate them and gain customer loyalty and trust which in turn will build your customer relationship and business.

Love Katie B xx

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