Why are my e-file bits skipping?

If a machine has low torque, when you apply any pressure regardless of speed, your bit will stop moving or skip.

When you begin using an e-file, you can be tempted to keep lifting the file on and off the nail - this can also lead to your bit skipping. When you've been doing this a while, you may find if you take your eyes off the nail, the bit can lose contact and skip.

This could also be caused by working at too low a speed, so make sure your speed is right for the bit and technique at hand.

Naturally, when an e-file skips, it makes you panic!

It is important to address the reason for this to prevent this happening in the future.

So what is Torque?

Simply put torque is a rotational force and is generated by the motor in the hand piece.

The torque is the power of the machine. Without this, it doesn't matter how high your RPM is, if there is low torque as soon as any pressure is applied, regardless of speed it will stop or skip. You will also notice an audible decrease in pitch on the machine. If this occurs, it indicates low torque.

RPMs (rotations per minute) are often what nail techs look for when shopping for an electric nail file, but RPM only tell you how fast the e-file can spin.

A good e-file should maintain the same speed and rotational power whether it’s spinning in the air, filing on gel, or filing on acrylic.

With a high-quality e-file only a light touch is needed, and the bits and motor do all the work for you.

How fast should it be?

Speed of an e-file is measure in RPM which stands for Revolutions or Rotations Per Minute. Typically the higher the RPM the better as the faster the file rotates the faster the bit surface, or grit, will come into contact with the nail or enhancement surface. 

For natural nails only, an RPM level of at least 15,000 should suffice. However, for acrylic nails, you should look for a machine with an RPM capacity of 25,000 or higher. Also, in addition to RPM, you may want to consider rotational power or torque.

With the right torque and RPM you should find your nail treatments are faster and more comfortable for both you and your clients.

It is important that your e-file has low vibration to prevent damage to your client and to yourself. Learn more about vibration in e-files here.

Free e-file education is included with the purchase of our KB E-File. Check it out here.

Love Katie B x

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  • Nan

    Thanks .. love this blog post. I seriously looked at the specs for dozens of portable edibles before choosing yours for the torque.

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