Why is vibration bad when it comes to e-filing?

How many times do you hear 'Ha! It sounds like we're at the dentist.' from your clients? 

We get it, the buzz can we're doing a treatment can be irritating, we know, we have to deal with it all day. But where does it come from? 


All noise is generated by some form of vibration. The more vibration, the more noise. The faster the vibration, the higher the pitch.

With e-files, vibration is absolutely something that you don't want to experience. Some e-files on the market shake so much that they are hard to control. A good e-file should not vibrate much, if at all, when turned on, nor should the vibration increase with the speed.  Not only this contributes to issues when you turn up the speed. Did you know that it is not actually the RPM speed you need to be concerned with? It is the torque.

What is torque and why is it so important? Find out here.

What’s so bad about vibration? It can be very uncomfortable for your client as they will feel the movement and repeated pounding on the nail plate. In some extreme cases where there is prolonged and improper use, it can even damage the client’s matrix, causing abnormal nail plate growth, especially when used for cuticle work. Vibration also makes it difficult for the nail tech to be precise. If your e-file is jumping around while filing in a tight area, you may end up hitting skin or causing other damage. Lastly, vibration is also damaging to a nail tech’s hands and arms. The extra muscle you end up using trying to maintain control and a grip can lead to joint, muscle, and tendon damage.

A high quality e-file should have minimal vibration at any speed. This will help your hands and your ears. And, if you're lucky, you won't have to hear that joke again. 

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Love Katie B x

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