How to maintain and care for your e-file

Regular servicing and maintenance can help reduce the chance of costly repair bills but here are some top tips to prolonging the life of your electric nail file and helping prevent breaking down:

  • Never leave your hand piece in the open position as this can put strain on the bearings inside.
  • Never start your hand piece with the speed control on full speed. This will shorten the life of the coupling in your hand piece.
  • Keep the control unit away from grinding dust. Dust can get into the control unit and cause the components to overheat and burn.
  • Do cleanse the electric file regularly with a soft cloth or brush to remove any dust and debris that can settle in cracks and crevices. Make sure to unplug the machine before cleaning it.
  • Don’t apply lubricant any-where on the machine. Most electric files feature bearings inside the hand-piece that are self-lubricating. Adding more oil can actually damage the bearings, not to mention heat them up, causing friction and heating the entire machine.
  • Do hold your electric file’s cord properly. Try to avoid constantly bending it, as the cord can become loose from the power supply or the hand-piece. Hold the cord at a natural angle.
  • Don’t place the hand-piece in disinfectant. You don’t want to cause interior damage to it.
  • Do remove the bit from the hand-piece when you’re done using it.
  • Don’t switch your electric file to the reverse option while it’s in forward motion without first pausing it.
  • Do make sure the bits are centered properly. If not, the electric file stem will wobble and loosen, damaging the hand-piece.
  • Keep solvents far away from your e-file.
  • Take care with all the cords so they don’t get pinched, worn out, pulled, or shorted.
  • Do not push a bit in with dust on the opening.
  • Do not disassemble the hand piece.
  • Do not work in wet or humid environment.
  • Do not use when charging.
  • Do not force bits in.
  • Do not try and force bits out or bend.
  • Do not touch rotating parts with your hand.
  • Do not drop or knock any part of your e-file, especially the hand piece. This will cause damage to your hand piece. This includes tapping it against a surface to remove dust. Make sure to take care when placing the hand piece on the desk to avoid damage.
  • Do not clean with liquid solutions including antibacterial, disinfection, alcohol or any kind of wet wipe - keep clean with dust cloth, canned air ONLY.
  • Do not submerge the hand piece in water or any liquid.
  • Avoid water and all liquid on all parts of the e-file machine.
  • Do not use damaged wires.
  • Do not charge unattended.
  • Do not charge for longer than necessary.
  • Do not place wet or damp e-file bits into your hand piece.
  • Do make sure that your bit is securely fastened into the chuck before turning on.
  • If a bit is stuck in the chuck, do not try to prise it out, tap it or try to use a magnet to remove it. Always contact the manufacturer.
  • If dropped or damaged get the machine checked by a professional or get in contact with us before trying to rectify yourself.
  • Replace the lid when not in use.
  • Use dust caps when in use, placed over the chuck and not under the head of the bit.
  • Take care when opening the storage box whilst e-file and hand piece is being stored in storage slots. Always hold and support when opening.
  • Only your e-file bits should be sanitised, disinfected and sterilised and not your e-file or handpiece.
  • Only use the correct size e-file bit in your hand piece. In KB Efiles, these are 3/32 inch shank bits.

Just like your car, your handpiece needs a service at least once per year, especially if you work full time.

Dust, debris, and even broken bits can get lodged inside over time, parts get worn out, and in order for your e-file to work the way it should, it needs some tender loving care.

A quality e-file may be the largest upfront equipment investment a nail tech makes, but with proper use and regular maintenance it should last you your whole career.

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