Nail Myths: Busted

The nail industry is full of myths and old wives tales. Here are my top myths, busted!

❌ Nails need to breathe.

✔️ Nails are made up of several layers of dead compacted cells and do not have the ability to absorb oxygen into the nail plate. All the nutrients that the nail needs are absorbed through the bloodstream and not from outside elements.

❌ Enhancements damage natural nails.

✔️ We’ve has many clients claiming that enhancements ruin their nails - yet when questioned it turns out, they had picked them off. Any damage to the natural nail is usually the result of improper application or removal, overly aggressive filing or client abuse. When enhancements are applied, maintained and removed correctly, no damage should occur.

❌ Enhancements need a break.

✔️ Providing the nail tech is performing correct and professional procedures, along with good quality products, there is no need to remove enhancements. Since the nails do not need to breathe, there is no benefit by waiting to reapply enhancements, nor does it make sense to assume the nails only need to breathe once in a while!

❌ White spots show a lack of calcium.

✔️ White spots are actually called Leukonychia. They are common and usually caused by trauma to the nail plate, which will grow out in time.

What's the best myth you've heard?

Love Katie B