Protect Your Stainless Steel Tools: Why Microwaving for Sanitisation is a Bad Idea

Stainless steel nail tools are highly popular and durable in the nail industry due to their resistance to rust and corrosion. They're often sanitised, disinfected and sterilised in different ways, including warm soapy water, disinfection solutions and the use of hospital grade autoclaves. However, sanitising stainless steel or any other metal tools in the microwave can cause significant damage to the tools and pose risks to both the tools and the tech.

Here's why you should not sanitise your stainless steel tools in the microwave:

  1. Microwaves can cause damage to stainless steel and other metal tools: The uneven distribution of heat within microwaves can cause hot spots and severely damage the structure of the tools. The temperature can also get too high and cause the tools to warp or even melt.

  2. Melting and warping of tools can cause injury: Depending on the type of tool being sanitised, melting can cause the tool to lose its shape, which can make it unusable or hard to handle. Also, warping can lead to sharp edges and cause injury whilst being used.

  3. Microwave heat can enhance corrosion of tools: Stainless steel is not entirely resistant to corrosion. It can corrode when exposed to high temperatures, and the heat from a microwave can be problematic.

  4. Microwave radiation safety concerns: Microwaving your metal tools can release toxic gases and pose a potential health risk. Microwaving metal objects can even generate sparks and cause fire hazards and is highly dangerous. 

  5. Invalidated insurance: If you microwave metal, your insurance company will not cover you for any accidents, or fires caused by user error.
  6. Alternative sanitisation methods are available: There are several other effective, and safest ways in which you can sanitise, disinfect and sterilise  stainless steel tools. These include using disinfectant solutions and autoclaves specifically designed for sanitising tools. Learn more about safe sanitation, disinfection and sterilisation methods here.

Microwaving your stainless steel tools can cause permanent damage, create safety hazards, and pose health risks. It is essential to use alternative sanitisation methods that are effective, safe, and specifically designed for stainless steel and metal tools. You can maintain the durability and longevity of your stainless steel tools by choosing the right method to sanitise them.

We hope this article has been helpful in educating you on the risks associated with sanitising stainless steel tools in the microwave and other alternatives to consider for safe and proper sanitisation.

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