How to clean your e-file bits

Cleaning and sanitising bits is the most overlooked, yet most important procedure when using an electric nail file.

It’s no more OK to reuse a dirty e-file bit than it is to reuse a hand file. You should use the same level of care to keep your bits sanitary as you do for your other professional implements. Debris (seen or not) should be removed with a wire brush after every single nail service, then cleaning in warm soapy water then disinfectant solution. If debris isn’t removed then disinfectant won’t be able to work as it will be blocked by the debris.

An essential first step is to remove dust and residue build-up within the grits or flute cuts on your bits which can be more prominent than on your typical manicure metal implements. The bits must be cleaned out inbetween each client to remain sharp. You can use a wire brush to do this or soak the bits in a cleaning solution to help dissolve this acrylic material. Check out this video to remove debris from your e-file bits.

More often than not, when bits get regularly clogged with product like gels, it is likely the product it becomes clogged with is somewhat uncured. When product is fully cured it presents as pure dust which will sit in the teeth of your bit and still needs removing but won’t be as problematic as product that contains uncured particles. If the product build up is noticeable it will contain this. Gel can appear cured at just 30% cure but unfortunately isn’t often fully cured. This presents in the colour, small or large chunks of product showing on your nail file or in your efile bit. The most common cause of this is mis-matched lamps. To discover whether your product may be uncured, check out this experiment.


Learn more about cleaning, disinfection and sterilisation and make sure you are getting it right here.

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