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Decoration liquid with cracking effect.

Go crazy with our new spring shades by the Mosaic Crystal decoration liquid. Use this on vivid colours or any sparkling material and let the liquid do the job! If you would prefer smaller cracks, apply a thin layer, but if you want to see spectacular cracks use a thicker layer.


1. Prepare the nails as usual then apply a base colour - ideally any (sticky) colour such as any 3 Step CrystaLac, colour gel, even better: any sparkling base, and cure in UV/LED lamp.

2. If we use a non-cleansing (sticky) colour, we have to apply some material with cleansing attributes (Compact Base Gel Clear, Pro Foil Gel Clear), in order to get a perfect cleansing (sticky) surface for the Mosaic Crystal Liquid. 

3. Apply 1 layer of Mosaic Crystal Liquid on the surface and wait for it to dry on air which depends on the thickness (can take up 2-3 min), but you can speed up with a ventilator (/fan). 

4. When it is completely dried and the whole surface has cracked everywhere, file the free edge of the nail and cover it with Cool Top Gel Universal in 2 layers close it properly.


Mosaic Crystal Liquid dries in the air so don't leave the bottle open for a long time. After using make sure you clean the bottle from any excess. The bottle must be stored straight!!!! If any excess dried on the bottle please clean it with a Cleanser Pad. 

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