PRE ORDER KB Glow®: Overhead Video & Photo Demo Station
PRE ORDER KB Glow®: Overhead Video & Photo Demo Station
PRE ORDER KB Glow®: Overhead Video & Photo Demo Station
PRE ORDER KB Glow®: Overhead Video & Photo Demo Station
PRE ORDER KB Glow®: Overhead Video & Photo Demo Station

PRE ORDER KB Glow®: Overhead Video & Photo Demo Station

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The KB Glow® performs as a robust multifunctional video and photo demo workstation with built in LED lights to capture content, film tutorials or improve your nail photos.

It is an all-in-one filming photography studio and a lightbox with LED lights and is perfect for nail images and product photos to take clean professional-looking photos with no experience needed. It can be used as a Light Box, Photography Studio, or even for Livestreams, Youtube Tutorials, Social Media Content & Teaching.

With built in 6000K LED lights and white reflective panels, you can also use the KB Glow® to take photographs of your work including customers nails from an overhead or side view without shadow and capture bright, high-quality photographs every time.

 Compatible with a variety of filming and photography devices such as:

  • smartphones
  • tablets
  • web cameras
  • GoPro camera
  • DSLR cameras

The KB Glow® has:

  • Two overhead camera openings
  • Integrated tablet and secondary device stand to allow for multi-screen function when recording via screen mirroring or other applications
  • Removable back panel to allow for easy filming and photographs on a model or customer
  • Removable non reflective base
  • The top acts as a workstation tray to keep your products at hand when working.

 All KB Glow

® Includes:

  • 1 x KB Glow®
  • 1 x Built in LED Lights
  • 1 x removable base
  • 1 x instruction manual via QR code 

What are the optional add ons?

Height Extension Pack includes leg & back extension panels to raise the height by 15cm to allow for comfortable filming of lash, brow and any over the head tutorials or for those who prefer to work from a higher height or photograph larger items.

KB Film Guide Markers to keep you in the shot and your work equipment out of shot at all times.  These come on backing paper and are reusable and removable, allowing you to choose when and where you use them. These KB Glow® filming guides are non-reflective and can be seen by the operator but not in the video. 

KB Powerbank will power the lights in the KB Glow® for approximately 3 hours.

  • Easy to assemble and disassemble in minutes for portability and easy storage.
  • Made from recycled Greencast plastic and is fully recyclable. 
  • Solvent resistant.  
  • Wipe clean.


  • Width: 66cm
  • Height: 29cm
  • Depth (with base): 37cm
  • Depth (without base): 28cm 

Nail products, Ipad & iPhone not included - these are for illustration purposes only.

Patent Pending
UK patent application number GB2019561.6
Inventor: Andy Clark 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Susan Gorman

Iv had my eye on the kb glow for a while now and finally decided to take the plunge and purchase it.. I’m so glad I did! It’s just what I was needing to get my training academy videos furnished to a higher standard. My daughter also uses it for her higher photography courses. Genius little invention

Emma Lawes, Phoenix Glitter
Level up for all things picture....

Absolutely insane level up for photo quality, video ability and ease for both nails and aesthetics use. I did struggle to be able to move the unit back and forth without the panels separating at the clips but have figured out the best technique haha I honestly don't know how I managed to get decent pictures before it arrived xxx

Worth it!

At first I wasn’t sure if I should spend the money to purchase the KBGlow, it’s an investment. Reason I decided to get it was because I want to create marketing content and educational content. The lighting in the photo box is perfect, everything looks exactly as it does in real life. It’s easily assembled and can be portable if you need to take it anywhere. I have gone away and used my old lighting set up to then come back to KBGlow and wonder why I ever thought of using other lighting. Honestly it’s perfect for creating tutorials, photographs, online education, lives, working on clients and recording it. It’s worth the money, a lot of thought has gone into creating this box.


I will be honest, I was hunting for the KB Glow from the first time appear on social media (Facebook)I was saying to myself that I need one too, but I was still thinking. I checked the website several times in the last few months. At one point I couldn't see it anymore. Then, one of my educators purchased this Glow box for filming. I remember that I see somewhere, but I can remember the name. I start searching again. Finally, I found it 🤩🤩🤩
I don't regret investing the money in this. It's amazing, the picture is more clear, compared with before. Also, I was thinking of doing a mini video of my work.
The Glow box is everything you need in one place if you think about starting your career in the Nail Business even if you just take pictures or videos. I had a mini problem, I contact the company, and in no time I receive a response and also resolve the issue. So two times congratulations for the amazing product and amazing service.
Forgive me if I write too much!

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