Cuticle Scissors Vs Cuticle Nippers

Changing from Nippers to Scissors

The main difference between nippers and our KB Cuticle Scissors is that so much less pressure is required to cut and a more delicate hand motion required. As nippers are clumpier, heavier and stiffer a much stronger and whole hand grip is required and more force is needed to achieve results.

With our curved cuticle scissors they are more lightweight and delicate (to work perfectly on the delicate cuticle area) and the pivot point on the scissors is so well made that the cutting motion is really smooth, meaning you can just use your thumb and finger/2 fingers just like tweezers.

This is so much better on your hands in the long run too. And also your customers hands too. Many of our customers have reported a visible improvement in their  RSI, carpal tunnel syndrome and other hand and wrist issues since changing from nippers. 

Our customer Charlotte demonstrates the differences between nippers and our KB Curved Cuticle Scissors in this tutorial below.

How to Hold Your KB Scissors

When using our KB Cuticle Scissors only a thumb and 1 (index) or 2 fingers (index and middle) is required for successful results. This puts less strain on the techs hand. You’ll be amazing at what a light pressure is required. 

It is important to hold the scissors on the finger rest (lined part of the handle). This prevents slipping when working and will ensure your scissors don’t get damaged.


 Thumb and index finger holding cuticle scissors