Employee Spotlight: Adele's Favorite Products and Personal Journey

At Katie Barnes Tool Range, we believe in celebrating our team members and recognising their unique skills and passions. Today, we are thrilled to introduce you to Adele, our Social Media and Fulfilment Manager, a valued member of our team, who brings her dedication, enthusiasm, and creativity to the table every day. Adele is also currently learning to become a Nail Technician with us and is currently learning acrylic, builder gel in a bottle and gel polish.

Adele's Favorite Products: Tailored to Tiny Nails

Adele, our pocket rocket with her teeny nails, has found the perfect companions in the KB Mini Buffers. These buffers are a lifesaver for her as they are specifically designed for smaller nails, making it easier for her to remove shine and smooth out any imperfections with precision. Their compact size also allows Adele to carry them in her bag wherever she goes, ensuring that her nails always look their best.

Another product that Adele swears by is the KB Sanding Disks. She has developed an obsession with these disks for their ability to help her achieve the perfect square shape and file down the length and width of tips to fit her tiny nail flawlessly. Moreover, Adele is also loving them for buffing hard skin from her feet after a relaxing shower or bath, leaving her feet feeling extra smooth and pampered.

The KB Team: A Supportive Work Family

Adele's love for her work extends beyond just the products she uses. She cherishes the vibrant and supportive environment created by the KB team of Lauryn and Amberlily, where every day is filled with new challenges and opportunities to grow. The camaraderie amongst the team members makes them a close-knit family, always there for each other during both good and bad days. Laughter echoes through the workspace, making sure that work gets done efficiently while maintaining a positive and enjoyable atmosphere.

Adele's Learning Journey and Personal Passions

In her upcoming blog posts, Adele will take you on a journey through her learning experience in nails, acrylic, builder gel, tips, and all things nail-related. With her tiny nails presenting a unique challenge, Adele's determination and dedication to mastering the craft shine through and we will share this journey with you.

Beyond her work at Katie Barnes Tool Range, Adele's passions include cars, particularly her beloved Saab named Gio. She enjoys spending her spare time attending car events with her boyfriend, shopping, and having a drink with friends. Adele also finds creative expression on TikTok, combining her love for fulfillment and social media in a fun and engaging way.

Stay tuned for more insightful content from Adele, as she shares 'A Day in the Life of Adele' and invites you into her world of beauty, cars, and everything in between.

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