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  1. 6 Ways Entering Competitions Improves Salon Work

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    Thanks to my work as a judge and the many years I've spent as a competitor I know a lot of nail technicians who love the competition circuit. But from my classes, boot camps, and meetings with other techs I know that there are a lot who never think about competing. 

    Whether it is a lack of confidence in their skills or that they simply don't see the need for winning awards because they have enough clients and are successful, there are lots of nail technicians out there that don't compete.

    Before I entered my first competition I was so scared,  I wasn't sure if I was 'up to the standard' of the other nail techs or if the competitive atmosphere would mean no one was talking to each other. But I found the opposite and made loads of new friends who put me at ease as well as learned a lot about myself and how I could improve.

    So from my experience, competing has had SO MANY benefits, here are what I think are the 6 most important ones for helping your salon work.

  2. Are you ready to enter a competition? (spoiler : yes)

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    Are you ready to enter a competition? (spoiler : yes)

    Thinking about entering Scratch Stars but worried you're not good enough. I didn't think I was good enough, then I won!


    When I talk to nail techs and students about competing I hear the same things time and time again. 'I'm just not good enough to compete' or  'I'm just not ready yet' come the replies. I tell them the same thing I'm about to tell you - no one will ever feel 100% ready. I certainly didn't feel 100% ready when I entered my first competition or any of the others after!

    Waiting until you feel ready will mean you miss out on everything competitions have to offer. Industry competitions like the Scratch Stars Awards offer valuable experience and feedback that are key to improving your skills.